WE2NG Industry

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Industry Partners

Each week RET participants will engage in an industry experience with one of our industry collaborators:

  ConocoPhillips ConocoPhillips (CoP) is the world’s largest independent
exploration and production company; commitment to safety,
operating excellence and environmental stewardship guide
operations. CoP currently funds WE2ST at CSM and provides
support for research as well as education and outreach initiatives.
  AECOM AECOM is a leader in environmental, energy, oil and gas, and water. Local company experts have shared with WE2ST staff and students some cost-effective and sustainable water management practices that lessen demands on freshwater supplies, while minimizing ancillary environmental impacts caused by the recent unconventional oil and gas boom.
  HDR HDR is a company with local expertise in planning, design,and
construction of environmental, water, oil and gas, energy, power, waste, and transportation technical innovations with practical
solutions for today's current challenges.
  City of Golden The City of Golden is the local government agency of CSM and
long-standing partner in the development and testing of technology to provide solutions to city challenges.
  Denver Water Denver Water proudly provides high-quality water and promotes
its efficient use to 1.3 million people in the city of Denver and
many surrounding suburbs.


Experiences will include speakers, site visits, and tours. All industry partners have multiple projects and sites relevant to water and energy (e.g., water treatment plant, hydropower project, dam construction, well pad/drill site). These opportunities to see “engineering in action” will allow the participants to understand how research translates to industry. Interaction with personnel from industry will also give insight into various STEM careers and how to best prepare students for these careers.




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