WE2NG Summer Program

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Summer Program


Description of the Summer Program Schedule

The WE2NG summer program consists of a diverse set of experiences to give participants a holistic understanding of STEM research from inception to actualization. The primary activity of the participants will be centered on integration into a faculty member’s research project concerning water and/or energy. In addition, participants will benefit from research presentations from participating faculty, technical workshops on interdisciplinary topics, interaction with industry via field trips and speakers, and professional collaborative STEM curriculum development training. The combination of these experiences will leave the participant with a renewed sense of passion for STEM research and the tools necessary to impart this passion to students via an enhanced curriculum.





Tuesday July 25: Showcase of lessons 

Wednesday July 26 – Friday July 28: Extended Field Trip

Extended Field Trip

An extended field trip at the end of this summer’s WE2NG program will be a part of the Summer 2017 program to delve deeper into regional issues and obtain a more comprehensive picture of the water-energy nexus in Colorado. The trip selected this year will include the following:

  • an extended field trip to the upper Rio Grande headwaters, where reduced snowpack as well as extensive beetle kill and wildfire have impacted water supply for regional agriculture as well as downstream rights holders (i.e., the Rio Grande Compact; CWCB, 2011).

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