WE2NG Participants

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  • Teachers - The selected teachers are currently teaching within the STEM field, specifically those courses that encompass water and energy principles (e.g., AP Environmental Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, STEM).   Click on the teachers link  on the left for more details on prior 2016 and 2017 Participants.


  • Faculty-  CSM faculty are uniquely qualified to lead the WE2NG Program. The Hydrologic Science and Engineering (HSE) program at CSM is nationally recognized as a “top-5” program with broad expertise in watershed-scale water resources investigations, risk assessment, subsurface hydrogeology, hydrogeophysics and water quality, with particular expertise in field and modeling investigations. The Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) department (home to many of the HSE faculty) has some of the world’s leading experts on water treatment and reuse technology. In addition, CSM’s Liberal Arts and International Studies department (LAIS) conducts nationally recognized research in community engagement, particularly with respect to perceptions of technological risk and communication between the public, government, and industry.


  • Industry Partners-  Multiple opportunities for industry interaction will be integrated into the participants’ summer research experience. Each week RET participants will engage in an industry experience with one of our industry collaborators (AECOM, City of Golden, CoP, Denver Water, and HDR). Experiences include speakers, site visits, and tours. All industry partners have multiple projects and sites relevant to water and energy (e.g., water treatment plant, hydropower project, dam construction, well pad/drill site). These opportunities to see “engineering in action” will allow the participants to understand how research translates to industry. Interaction with personnel from industry will also give insight into various STEM careers and how to best prepare students for these careers.

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