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Summer 2017 Applications are now closed. If you are still interested in the program, please check back next year!  

WE2NG RET Summer Field Trips 



The WE2NG program has 9 RET Colorado STEM Teachers from schools all over Jefferson County! They have worked on projects for 6 weeks focused on the water-energy nexus in collaboration with CSM faculty and the WE2NG program admins. The teachers showcased what they have put together over the 6 weeks. 

Click the link for an article written about the Showcase!

Click the link for a High Education Tribune article written as well!


This National Science Foundation "Research Experience for Teachers" (RET):

  • Is a unique and experiential program focused on the water-energy nexus for Colorado STEM teachers at one of the world's leading science and engineering schools
  • Will advance public knowledge and dialogue on the water-energy nexus through integration of teachers, and ultimately their students, with cutting-edge water-energy research and technology
  • Will provide six weeks of summer trainingand year-round support for 25-30 K-12 teachers over three years, with the intention of infusing current research in the water-energy nexus into K-12 classrooms


  1. To impact teacher participants by increasing their knowledge of water-energy nexus and by expanding their perspectives on science, engineering, and research
  2. To directly impact K-12 students' learning, motivation, and engagement by increasing their teacher passion and awareness and by providing mentors from CSM in the K-12 classroom
  3. To impact K-12 STEM curricula via the creation of standards-based active learning lessons infused with current research which will be available through local, regional, national, and global forums

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