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CASA Annual Report 2012-2013
The following briefly highlights the commendable CASA accomplishments in our inaugural year.
All CASA advisees – approximately 1,000 students – received individual advisement in the fall and spring semesters. In
addition to individual appointment, Skype© advisement, and walk-in assistance, CASA held 180 small group, 45-minute
advising sessions with 5 to 10 students per session. To ensure advising accuracy and student accountability, record of all
conferred advisement is kept by CASA, stored by student surname.
Tutoring & AEW
Approximately 300 students accounted for over 1,200 recorded tutoring instances in the spring semester. Compared to spring
2012, this is an 84% increase. The total number of recorded tutoring instances for 2012-2013 was 2,725 (approximately).
This is a 108% increase from 2012-2013. In addition, CASA’s newly implemented Student-to-Tutor online system received
704 unique inquiries in 2012-2013. This online system matches student need to tutor expertise and availability.
Academic Excellence Workshops (AEW) maintained similar spring and annual attendance for Calc II, Chem II, and Physics I & II
workshops. AEW recorded approximately 1,635 attendees for 2012-2013. Tutoring partnerships with the Arthur Lakes
Library and AMS Learning Center continue to provide excellent student assistance. CASA is especially grateful for our new,
expanded tutoring location in Arthur Lakes Library.
Academic Programming & Collaboration
610 students attended our Fall & Spring Pre-Finals Workshop – CASA’s largest Workshops. 47 student tutors and 21 faculty
members assisted between both workshops. Spring semester programming included a well-attended CASA Open House and
a successful Declaration Day: Major & Minors Fair with 406 student attendees.
CASA hosted numerous successful smaller programs including CASA Test-Anxiety & Ice-Cream Workshop and Autumn Study
Harvest. In addition, CASA participated in numerous (in excess of 25) collaborative workshops with the following Mines’
entities: Residence Life, Greek Life, MEP, SWE, Re-Admissions, and Student Activities.
Faculty in CASA & LAIS Writing Center
Faculty in CASA witnessed significant student traffic and faculty engagement. To paraphrase one faculty member, “…this is
the most connective felt to teaching in years”. In addition, the LAIS Writing Center hours held at CASA were unquestionably
successful with a significant increase of undergraduate utilization. CASA thanks Scott Strong (AMS), Todd Ruskell (Physics),
Cortney Holles (LAIS), and Sarah Hitt (LAIS) for their participation, collegiality, and friendship.
Individual Assistance and Support
Separate from advisement, CASA supports individual student learning via academic coaching appointments. Appointments
holistically address the presenting student need such as test-anxiety, time-management, and study techniques. Typical coaching
sessions are 45 minutes in length. In 2012-2013, CASA administered approximately 400 coaching sessions for both
undergraduate and graduate student populations.
Next Steps & Development
In the next year, CASA welcomes another advising class - increasing our total advisees to approximately 1,800 students. In
addition, CASA will hire a fourth Academic Advising Coordinator, continue to develop our learning center support services, and
seek opportunities to further collaborate with the academic departments.
One Last Note…
CASA extends a special “thank you” to the VP of Student Life, Academic Affairs & the Provost’s Office, the Arthur Lakes
Library Staff, the AMS & LAIS & Physics Departments, our colleagues in Student Life, the Registrar’s Office, and countless
others. Thank you for supporting CASA. Additional information about CASA and further detail on the aforementioned
highlights can be found at
h t t p : / / c a s a . m i n e s . e d u