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CASA Annual Report 2013-2014
The following briefly encapsulates the commendable CASA efforts and accomplishments from our sophomore year.
All CASA advisees – approximately 1,900 students at ful breadth – received individual advisement meetings for both
registration periods: fal and spring. In addition, ~750 sophomores successful y transitioned to Faculty Advisors. New this year,
advisement videos and student assessments help to ensure transparent and measurable advisement through CASA. Last, CASA
held a Pedagogy Lecture on the best practices of advisement for the CSM community.
Academic Support Services + Programs
Approximately 550 students accounted for over 2,375 recorded tutoring instances in 2013-2014. This is comparable to prior
year utilization. CASA’s Student-to-Tutor online matching system received 1,475 requests (108% increase from 12-13). New
for 2014-2015, the tutoring location in Arthur Lakes Library wil double in size thanks to the generosity of our library partners.
Academic Excellence Workshops (AEW) maintained similar spring and annual attendance for Biology I, Chem I & II, Calc I & II
and Physics I workshops - approximately 1,595 attendees for 2013-2014. New to AEW this year, a YouTube® Channel was
created with topic-based instructional videos. In total, 90 videos across all AEW core-subjects were created and published.
85+ students sought Academic Coaching with CASA, netting 350+ individual coaching meetings. Coaching typically
necessitates individual ongoing work analogous to a clinical support model – hourly meetings held weekly for a period of
three or more weeks. A variety of topics are covered including motivation, study skil s, test preparation & test anxiety.
Nine re-admitted students participated in a newly developed program titled Bounce Back. This program aims to bolster their
academic skills, goals, accountability, and self-regulation. Eight of nine students significantly raised their GPA (m = .900).
Academic Programming & Collaboration
634 students attended our Fal & Spring Pre-Finals Workshop netting the largest attendance to date. CASA held 30+
academic programs ranging from 5 to 125 students in collaboration with Student Activities, Residence Life, Alumni, and other
campus constituents. With the support of the College Deans, CASA held three concurrent College Receptions to welcome newly
declared sophomores to their respective college; 500 students attended alongside faculty from each academic department.
CASA collaborated with WISEM and AMS to pilot a new academic, credit-bearing course on spatial visualization and
modeling. This new undergraduate course, CSM151, will be taught in the spring and will greatly develop 3D modeling skills
for first- and second-year students, a skil empirical y proven to assist with upper-division engineering design courses.
Faculty in CASA & LAIS Writing Center
Faculty in CASA breaks down physical barriers between students and faculty with hosted faculty office hours in CASA, eight
hours per week. Faculty in CASA recorded a continuous rise in utilization. CASA thanks Scott Strong (AMS), Todd Ruskell
(Physics), Andre Guerra (Civil) Justin Latici (LAIS), and Renee Falconer (Chemistry) for their participation, collegiality, and
friendship. Thanks, as wel , to Sarah Hitt for her continued partnership with the Writing Center and Faculty in CASA.
CSM101 was expanded to 45 sections to accommodate slightly smal er classes. As part of CSM101 collaboration with the
National Science Foundation (NSF) Engage Grant, 49 faculty visited CSM101 the week of October 17.
CASA in Numbers
7,900 (free printing requests), 622 (Faculty in CASA appointments), 494 (instances of study hall utilization), 125 (student
employees), 22 (academic faculty w/ CASA paid or unpaid appointments), 3,500+ (individual advisement meetings).
Look back, Looking Ahead
In the coming year, CASA will launch a completely redesigned & reimagined CSM101and an array of early alert services,
including a student-alert website developed in consultation with the Dean of Students’ Office. CASA extends a special “thank
you” to Vice President Fox, Associate Dean Morgan, Academic Affairs & university faculty, the Arthur Lakes Library, and
countless others. Additional information about CASA and further detail available at
h t t p : / / c a s a . m i n e s . e d u